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Company Introduction

ABIS database has been designed to serve the business information needs
of those professionals who deal with the following countries in Asia :

Regardless of whether you are :

                 Importing from Asia
                 Exporting to Asia
                 Manufacturing in Asia
                 Consulting clients on Asia
                 Or just having an exploratory look around,.....

.....ABiS information products will make your task simpler, faster
and more effective.

The Group

Asian Business Information Services (ABiS) is a member of the FBR Group of
companies, market leaders for almost twenty years in the electronic publishing
and distribution of Asian business information.

Established in 1979, FBR pioneered in Asia a range of computerized dial-up
business information services. Over the years the scope of services offered
has grown into a series of discrete, yet integrated databases managed and
marketed by separate companies within the Group.

These electronic databases today provide the most comprehensive single
source of Asian business information.

The Company

Within the group, ABiS focuses on the electronic distribution of trade-related
information. Specifically this includes:





ABiS employs an extensive  team of professionals throughout Asia who remain
responsible for constantly improving and enhancing the data services to clientele

ABiS provides an indispensable primary reference source for:

    Blackball Internal trading companies
    Blackball Procurement managers
    Blackball Overseas manufacturers
    Blackball Export/import consultants
    Blackball Manufacturers wishing to license technology in Asia
    Blackball Market research firms
    Blackball Lawyers handling litigation involving Asia
    Blackball Government organizations responsible for developing markets in Asia
    Blackball Trade & industry associations
    Blackball And any organization attempting to do business in Asia

The Product

ABiS information products provide the support necessary for companies and
organizations to achieve the following goals:

              Blackball Identify customers in Asia
              Blackball Source products, materials & components
              Blackball Select agents to represent the sale of imported items
              Blackball Analyze the level of local and foreign competition in specific markets
              Blackball Locate businessmen of the same nationality to learn of local business
              Blackball Provide preliminary examination to assess viability of importing or
                 exporting a specific product.
              Blackball Perform market research and analysis

ABiS provides two levels of information products:

On-line Information

Using ABiS electronic data subscribers can obtain immediate access to
primary information . Available 24 hours a day!

Customized Support Services

Due to more  detailed or specialized  information requirements some
customers prefer to utilize the ABiS team of professionals to produce
customized  information  products on a regional basis or for selected
countries. Formal proposals and  budgets are prepared within within 48
hours of receiving a customer briefing

Send us your requirements today.

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