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Agency Selection

Identifying potential representatives
or import  agents  for  your  product 
or services in different countries
throughout Asia is not an easy task.
First objective is always compilation
of a "short list" of prospects.

A "short list" can be compiled quickly
and  efficiently  when  using ABiS , by
simply specifying the type of product
or service that you want represented
and  then  search  for companies
which currently specialize in representing overseas principals.

The information supplied will not only
identify the extent of agencies held
by any particular importer but also 
will confirm if there are any agencies
held which would constitute a conflict
of interest.

Types of questions that can be answered include :

Blackball I require to appoint an agent in Indonesia to import and represent my products.
   Which companies should be on the short list of prospects ?

Blackball Any firm importing a Mircosoft software product would be an execllent choice
    to represent my compatible software package. Who represents Microsoft in
    Taiwan, Malaysia and Vietnam ?

Obtain 24 hour access to Asia by subscribing to ABiS

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